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Nobel Active Premill Abutment

Nobel Active compatible dental titanium premilled blank for Arum imesicore holder.CADCAM dental prosthetics,arum and imesicore dual interface Nobel Biocare Active 3.5, 4.3, 5.0 compatible implant titanium premilled abutment blank, medical grade 5 titanium material

Premill Blanks is also named as Titanium Pre-milled, which is for Digital Implant Purpose. and with functions of accurate data for individual prosthesis.


Premill Blanks compose of Top grade 5 Titanium Material

It has 10mm diameters, 14mm, and 16mm diameters differences.


* For custom abutment fabrication purpose

* Fabricated interface in one side, Arum& Imes Icore holder in the other side

* 2 screws package: 1 for lab try-in, another for final

* Customized logo is available

* Quality Certification: CE

* Compatible to: Ankylos Xive/Straumann Zimmer/Bego, more than 50 implant systems

* Package Detail: Bags Package or in Box

* Port: Shenzhen

Premill Blanks are completely "patient-specific" abutments produced according to the dimensions of the patient's teeth and gum. Custom abutments are designed and produced specifically for the patient using CAD/CAM technology taking into account the angle of the implant applied to the patient, the shape and structure of the gum and its connection to the surrounding tissues.

The Premill custom abutments must be tailor made. There is no place for errors - it needs to be perfect in every way.

YAGU new line of Pre-milled Blanks allow the production of top quality one-piece custom abutments. We offer the best highest quality titanium blanks compatible with most implant platforms.

With YAGU Premill Blanks your custom abutments are produced exactly as designed without margin of error, therefore, a perfect abutment-to-implant fit is achieved.


The exposed volume of the titanium nail in the oral cavity is small, the surface is smooth, and the foreign body sensation is little, and it does not affect the maintenance of oral hygiene.

Easy to remove, no need for anesthesia, use matching machinery to spin out after local disinfection, no pain, no scar after healing.

Compatible System


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