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10mm Dentium Premill Abutment

Dental Tianium implant premilled abutment CAD CAM 10mm custom abutment blank

Pre-milled abutment for Dentium® Implants for the production of individual abutments. You can choose between different diameters.  Use the Scanbody from YAGU to take full advantage of the CAD / CAM process chain. The secondary part is made of a titanium . This ensures excellent biocompatibility and high strength. You receive the pre-mill abutments with 2 definitive abutment screws. The abutment screws is also made from a titanium. You can continue to use your original instruments or instruments from YAGU. Pre-mill abutment and abutment screw are delivered as a set. Prepare the parts before use. Please note the instructions from YAGU in the instructions for use. The pre-mill milling blanks require product-specific CAM libraries. Please check whether your CAM supplier provides our libraries.

Compatible System


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