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10mm Osstem Premill Abutment

CAD-CAM Pre-milled Custom Abutment Titanium Blank Precise prefabricated implant interface Individual abutment design by prosthetic terms Optimal interface protection by bilateral fixing in preform holder during milling process Medical Level Gr5 Titanium Materials.

Premil custom abutments are entirely "patient-specific" abutments produced according to the size of the patient's teeth and gum. Custom abutments are desigend and produced specifically for the patient using CAD/CAM technology taking into consideration the angle of the implant applied to the patient, the shape and structure of the gum and its connection with the surrounding tissues.

The new line of Pre-milled Blanks allow the production of top quality one-piece custom abutments. We deliver the highest quality titanium blanks compatible with most implant platforms.

With our Premill Blanks your custom abutments are produced excactly as designed without margin of error, therefore, a perfect abutment-to-implant fit is achieved.

Custom abutments produced at our premilling center are strictly inspected throughout the whole process from design to production.

Our values for the production of custom abutments with a perfect fit are:

1.Use only the right and best materials.

2.Make accurate and precise workmanship.

3.Guarantee top level quality control.

Advantages of custom abutments compared to standard abutments:

1.Perfect fit between the implant-abutment-gum.

2.An ideal gum and neck line.

3.Solving problems regarding angle, location and anatomy.

4.A wide range of material options.

5.Price advantage.

6.Aesthetical superiority

Compatible System


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