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How to prevent dental implant complications?

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How to prevent dental implant complications?

Dental implants seldom have issues, with an over 95% success rate. Dental implant issues, however, are not inconceivable and can occur to anyone at any moment, as is the case with any dental procedure.

The majority of the time, however, dental implant issues or failure symptoms appear a few weeks following the procedure. Therefore, it's critical for people considering YAGU dental implants to be aware of what to do prior to, during, and following the treatment in order to prevent dental implant issues.

Dental implant surgery complications

Here are a few potential dental implant issues that could affect you.


Infections connected to dental implants are the most frequent dental implant problem. Periodontal infection near the implant post can result from a number of causes. Poor dental hygiene, implant materials that are not suitable, and a lack of aftercare are a few major reasons of infection.

Floating Implant

The implant misplacing itself or not initially being properly placed is another frequent dental implant problem. Naturally, a fake tooth cannot be supported over a loose implant.

Bubble Recession

The gum can start to recede in rare circumstances as a result of dental implant failure. Your doctor might suggest a pinhole procedure to repair the gum recession and reactivate your implant.

Bone Alignment Error

A dental implant needs to be placed properly in the jaw and surrounded by bone on all sides. The implant and jaw bones may occasionally misalign as a result of bone development or incorrect fitting, leading to dental implant failure.

Nerve or tissue injury

The success of your dental implants could be at risk if you choose an inexperienced dentist in Mission Viejo, while this is uncommon. This is because a novice dentist runs the risk of damaging tissue or nerves when performing the treatment.

Injury and forceful action

Dental implants are incredibly durable and resilient. However, you run the risk of developing a dental implant issue if you sustain an injury or apply too much stress to your implants right after the treatment.

Causes of Complications with Dental Implants

Here are some of the potential causes of dental implants failing:

1. Inaccurate evaluation and impression

2. Bad dental hygiene

3. Unqualified dentist

4. Bone expansion

5. Overuse of force or implant damage

Best Practices and Safety Measures

Here are some recommended practices and safety measures to follow to prevent dental implant issues or failure.

Choose a dentist with experience

This must be underlined again and again. For dental implant surgery to be effective, a qualified oral surgeon with experience in placing dental implants is essential. An experienced dental implant dentist can completely meet your needs without compromising the treatment protocols, from mapping and assessment through surgery.

Don't minimize the value of technology

Technologies for imaging and evaluation of dental implants have undergone tremendous modification recently. Therefore, pick a Mission Viejo dental implant clinic that performs assessments and surgeries using cutting-edge high-tech machinery.

Uphold proper oral hygiene

Numerous periodontal diseases can be brought on by poor dental hygiene. You can prevent dental implant troubles and other oral health issues by brushing your teeth thoroughly, flossing after meals, and avoiding foods that are sticky or sweet.

Observe the aftercare guidelines

You can get the best aftercare tips for a dental implant from your oral surgeon. So after having dental implant surgery, be careful to follow a soft diet, refrain from intense activities, and avoid applying pressure to your jaw.

Stop smoking

The success of a dental implant can be reduced by 20% by smoking. Conversely, people with diabetes may also be disqualified from receiving dental implants. Smoking should be avoided or stopped if you want to increase your chances of having a successful dental implant, even though diabetes is a health issue you cannot totally control.

Do not place strain on an implant

A pressure on your implant may result from using your new teeth as a tool or from consuming foods like nuts that are firm. As a result, Mission Viejo dentists advise clients to keep their dental implants as stress-free as possible.

Go to the dentist frequently

One of the key factors in receiving a successful dental implant is this. Following dental implant surgery, be careful to check in with your dentist every six months to evaluate any potential implant problems.


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