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Dentium Peek Scanbody

Peek scan body with Free Library 3Shape and EXOCAD for implant is intra-oral spray free compatible scanflag for intra-oral scanning every different system implant. scan body is the basis of every CAD/CAM restoration. With a perfect fit, thanks to an original connection.

peek-titanium scan body is designed to be used for digital or traditional impressions. The one-piece design can be placed by hand without any additional instrumentation. Each implant Scan body features a color-coded radiopaque titanium body that can be used to verify seating on an x-ray. Unique markings on each the Scan body help identify the implant platform when scanning in the mouth or with tabletop scanners. Available in 8mm and 11mm heights, to accommodate different fabric heights.

Peek-titanium scan body use it for tabletop or intraoral scanning. The one-piece design can be placed by hand without any additional instrumentation. PEEK (PolyEtherEtherKetone) and titanium alloy material.

Main Features:

1.Products name: Dentium scan body

2.Material: Peek+Gr5 medical titanium alloy

3.Size: Regular/Custom Width

4.Usage: Dental implant surgery

5.It is recommended to keep the torque level at 25 ~ 30 N cm to tighten the screw abutment with analog.

Compatible System


torque wrench ratchetdental implant torque wrenchimplant torque wrenchimplant torque screwdriver wrench

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