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Osstem Closed Tray Impression Coping

Osstem Closed Tray Impression is used when a high level of accuracy and precision is required to ensure successful implant treatment outcomes.

Closed Tray transfer impression coping are made for impressions.

Using the open-tray technique when the retentions are sharpened, and for the closed-tray technique when the retentions are rounded.

The transfer abutments and the screws are made of Titanium grade 5 (TI-6AL-4V ELI) alloy.

OsstemTS Compatible Closed Transfers has triangular structure for stable fastening and accurate repositioning. Fixated by hand tightening with a 1.2mm hex driver.

Connection: OsstemTS Hexagon

Length: 14mm

Material: Stainless Steel

Platform: Mini Platform 2.1mm

Hex Type: With Hex

Qualities: High Corrosion Resistance, General Bio-compatibility

Compatible System


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