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Dental implants or dentures?

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Dental implants or dentures?

How are dental implants and conventional dentures different from one another?

Dental restoration technology has become a concern for individuals because if a tooth is lost or knocked out, we must attempt to discover a technique to repair it. It has become the consumer's decision today whether to choose conventional denture technology or the current, widely used implantation technology.However, what sets dental implants unique from dentures? How about methods used in general with dentures? regular dentures, which rely on oral saliva for adsorption and inflict direct stress to the gum mucosa because there is no root support; While some dentures with missing teeth are primarily supported by the teeth next to them, the adjacent teeth must either be removed or given a retaining ring in order to keep the braces in place. This leaves the surrounding teeth open to injury.

How about dental implants that are artificial?

A metal root is implanted into the bone, but artificial dental implants are not actually dental implants. Like a deep foundation must be placed before building a house to make the house sturdy, a denture is fitted on the metal root once it has tightly bonded with the alveolar bone. Artificial dental implants are more stable, difficult to relocate, and more widely used than traditional dentures.

How do dental implants differ from conventional dentures?

1. Fixed dentures can be used to replace missing teeth when there are few of them. The surrounding teeth that serve as the dental basis for fixed dentures frequently need to have membranes removed. The teeth are strong and gorgeous. Many teeth are missing, and removable dentures are used to fill the gaps. The heavy and uncomfortable detachable dentures are worn in the mouth. They occasionally need to be taken out for cleaning, which is a hassle. These drawbacks can be avoided by choosing implants.

2. Using dentures is more difficult if you have a mouth that is completely toothless. Only movable dentures can be used to install this, although they have a poor chewing function. Additionally, it is simple to be exposed, which alters appearance. The aforementioned drawbacks do not apply to artificial dental implants.

3. A mouthful of teeth can be restored with dental implants to replace lost teeth. They can be fixed with regular dentures. Due to the weak attachment force and poor chewing performance caused by the gum mucosa's soft tissue support alone, dentures are also easily loosened. Only the three forty percent of them can be made to function normally again. Additionally, the alveolar bone may gradually decrease if the gums are not properly pressured, which can worsen the effects of dentures. Artificial dental implants do not move or function poorly during chewing, and they create a functional stimulation in the alveolar bone at the implant site, delaying alveolar bone absorption. Dental implants have a chewing efficiency that is superior to conventional dentures and is nearly identical to that of natural teeth.


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