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Advantages and disadvantages of dental implants

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Advantages and disadvantages of dental implants

Metal posts called dental implants are used to replace lost or damaged teeth. Dental implants' fundamental benefit is that, in terms of longevity and usability, they are quite similar to natural teeth. Dental implants' main drawback is that they are a little more expensive than substitute procedures like bridges.

Advantages of dental implants

The top 5 benefits of dental implants are listed below.

Dental implants resemble natural teeth in many ways

The fact that dental implants restore a patient's ability to bite and chew is one of their main benefits. Patients are allowed to eat normally and can also floss and brush their teeth.

Dental implants reduce aging's telltale indications

A side consequence of bone loss brought on by tooth loss is facial drooping. As the bottom third of the face begins to collapse, the space between the chin and the tip of the nose gradually gets narrower. A few alterations that might make someone appear much older than they are include thinner lips, a sharper chin, and more lines around the mouth.

Bone resorption is stopped with dental implants

When there are no tooth roots to keep the bone stimulated, bone loss takes place in the jaw. Dental implants give the natural bone growth the stimulation it requires because they replace the tooth's root and crown.

Neighboring teeth are kept stable with dental implants

The teeth next to a lost tooth may move crookedly in the direction of the gap if there is one. This moving of your teeth out of their ideal alignment can have an impact on your bite, capacity for chewing, and outward look. It might lead to problems and make future tooth replacement more difficult. Your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) may be impacted by an uneven bite, which could cause pain and headaches.

Dental implants are designed to be durable forever

According to studies published in the International Journal of Implant Dentistry, dental implants are durable. The titanium implant, which is frequently used, fuses with the jawbone. Because it is biocompatible, the body won't reject it or injure it.

Disadvantages of dental implants

Dental implants are very expensive

Generally speaking, dental implants are more expensive than dentures or bridges or other tooth restoration operations. However, dental implants have lower ongoing expenditures. For a single implant, dental implants can cost as little as a few thousand dollars, but whole mouth implants can cost as much as tens of thousands of dollars. The majority of patients only need to pay for implant surgery once, and they seldom need to replace the prosthetic teeth more than a few years later.

Surgery is required for dental implants

To install an implant, a few quick operations on the gums and jaw are required. To ensure that you are aware of what to anticipate during the treatment and the recovery time, your dentist will walk you through each step with you.

Multiple appointments are required for dental implants

A series of appointments spread out over a period of up to six months are frequently required for dental implant surgery. If you want to improve your smile right away, this could be frustrating. But the healing period is essential so that the jawbone can securely encircle the implant and hold it in place.

Not everyone is a good candidate for dental implants

All of your teeth can be replaced by dental implants, but not everyone is a good candidate. You might not be a suitable candidate for implant surgery if you smoke, have health problems, poor dental health, or have lost a substantial percentage of jawbone density.

Dental implants are a wise investment because they are long-lasting and permanent. Although implants do require a lot of time to place, they can also be loaded right away with proper planning.


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