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Open tray and closed tray impressions

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Open tray and closed tray impressions

A successful implant case depends on gathering precise implant impression data. Several methods exist to obtain it: The debate between open tray and closed tray impressions has existed for all time, but modern dentistry offers a fresh solution.

What is an open tray impression?

With an implanted retention screw that extends past the tray, an open tray impression is a technique that uses impression copings attached to implants. The physician uses a hole in the tray to unscrew the coping before removing the imprint.

The open tray imprint method

To make an impression of an open tray:

Apply glue to the impression tray to keep the imprint material in place.

Place light-body impression material around the copings and fill the tray with heavy-body impression material to collect soft tissue.

By removing the debris from the occlusal hole, you may easily reach the coping after placing the customized tray in the patient's mouth.

After polymerization, remove the impression by unfastening the screws in the temporary copings.

What is a closed tray impression?

Using the closed tray impression technique, the clinician inserts the post into the impression, cures it, removes the impression, then unscrews the post from the implant and re-inserts it.

The closed-tray imprint method

To make an impression of a closed tray:

Attach the implants' (or multi-unit abutments') closed tray impression copings.

Place the patient in the mouth while you fill the tray with the impression substance.

After polymerization, unscrew and remove the closed tray impression copings.

Connect the analogs for the implant or abutment to the copings.

Place the coping-analog assembly inside of the final impression.

Tray impression: open vs. closed

According to research, several implants with various angulations can be more precisely captured using open tray implant impressions. However, they take a lot of time and cause stress for everyone concerned.

The closed-tray imprint method, in contrast, creates a single impression that includes both the implant and natural teeth. When there is a small mouth opening or a sensitive gag reflex, or when there are one or more parallel implant impressions, it is suitable. Transfers, however, are less secure in the impression material, which could result in different placements when casting the model. When you take it out of the patient's mouth, it may also tear.

How an implant impression is altered by digital dentistry?

However, digital implant impressions are a third choice. Utilizing an intraoral scanner for a dental implant scan results in high-quality implant impressions, according to studies and experience.

Scan bodies improved the data collection during digital scanning. Like with an impression coping in a standard imprint, after fastening the scan body onto the implant, it takes crucial 3D data that labs utilize to create the crown and stock or custom abutment.

In addition, digital impressions are preferred by patients, and clinicians like the accuracy that scanners create without the degradation that comes with each stage of a traditional impression procedure. It takes less time without requiring uncomfortable (and expensive) impression materials, which is appreciated by both parties.

High-quality implant imprints can be created using open or closed trays, digital technology, or both. However, the comfort, affordability, and time savings of digital implant impressions are preferred by both patients and professionals.


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