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Nobel Temporary Abutment for Multi Unit

Multi Unit Cylinder Sleeve Multi Temporary Abutment For Internal Hex Dental Implant Compatible with Nobel

A temporary abutment is a dental device used in the field of implant dentistry to support a temporary restoration while a patient’s permanent restoration is being designed and manufactured. The temporary abutment is a vital component in the dental implant process, as it helps in maintaining proper tissue health and function during the transition period.

The temporary abutment is made of titanium or zirconia and is similar in style to the permanent abutment. It is screwed into the implant fixture and extends above the gum line to support a temporary crown or bridge. A temporary abutment is not designed for long-term use, and it is removed once the permanent abutment and final restoration are in place.

The placement of a temporary abutment provides numerous benefits to patients. First, it helps to maintain proper soft tissue contours around the implant while the permanent crown or bridge is being fabricated. The abutment also allows for proper healing of the surrounding tissue and prevents the tissue from collapsing around the implant, which can cause tissue recession and lead to gum disease.

A temporary abutment also allows the patient to maintain proper jaw function and bite during the healing process. If the temporary restoration is not supported by an abutment, it can move around in the mouth, causing discomfort and affecting chewing and speech. An improperly fitting temporary restoration can also result in damage to the implant or surrounding tissue.

The Nobel Temporary Abutment is designed to be easily interconnected with the implant post. It has an exceptional grip that allows a seamless connection between the temporary abutment and the implant. This feature ensures a stable foundation for the temporary restoration. The temporary abutment is installed immediately after implant placement, allowing the patient to have a provisional restoration.

In conclusion, Nobel temporary abutments are an essential component of the dental implant process. They provide support for temporary restorations, maintain proper soft tissue contours, and allow for proper healing and jaw function during the transition period. The correct selection and placement of the temporary abutment are crucial for the success of the implant procedure and the long-term health of the surrounding tissue. Consulting with a qualified implant dentist will help ensure a successful outcome for patients seeking dental implant placement.

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