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Dentium Temporary Abutment for Multi Unit

Temporary Abutment Compatible with Multi Unit, Come with Multi Screw

Dental implant temporary abutments are an important component used in implant dentistry. They serve as a seating platform for provisional restorations, which are used to protect the implant during the healing process. Temporary abutments enable clinicians to achieve efficient and predictable results, as they provide a stable and secure attachment point for temporary restorations.

The use of dental implant temporary abutments allows for efficient restoration of dental implants, as they are designed to be easily inserted and removed. They are typically made of titanium, which is an ideal material for implant dentistry due to its biocompatibility and corrosion resistance. Additionally, these abutments are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to match the different types of dental implants.

The main function of dental implant temporary abutments is to support the provisional restoration while the implant integrates with the surrounding bone. This is crucial for maintaining the stability of the implant and ensuring that the final restoration fits properly. In addition, temporary abutments facilitate easy access during the healing process, as they can be easily removed and reinserted as necessary.

Temporary abutments can be used in a variety of clinical scenarios, such as in immediate implant placement, where the implant and abutment are placed at the same time, or in cases where multiple implants are placed simultaneously. They are also useful in situations where a final impression cannot be made at the time of implant placement, as they provide a stable seating platform for the provisional restoration.

Overall, dental temporary abutments are an essential component in implant dentistry. They serve as a stable attachment point for provisional restorations, enhance clinician efficiency, and contribute to successful clinical outcomes. By providing a secure seating platform for temporary restorations, these abutments allow clinicians to achieve predictable and efficient results in implant rehabilitation.

Compatible System


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