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Do you know the multi-unit abutment?

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Do you know the multi-unit abutment?

When connecting several implants together to resemble a bridge, dentists prefer to use multi unit abutments. Additionally, these can modify either zygomatic dental implants or entire arch replacements. These were commonly referred to as "All-On-Four Dental Implants".

The actual "Nobel Biocare MUA" was developed in 2000. Of course, the dental sector was going through it for the first time. As a result, it is a great choice, and others have made an effort to imitate its distinctive style. The primary factor that makes it the only option for pros to choose is its amazing design components. As we return to understanding what MUA is, shall we first take a moment to define an abutment?

What is an Abutment?

Simply put, an abutment is the crown's metal base. When finishing the dental implant installation, several dentists employ it. You can refer to it as the connection; one part is attached to the jawbone, whereas the other side is connected to the crown.

Titanium is typically used to make it. However, gold and zirconia are additional materials that can be used to make MUA. Zirconia is growing in prominence as a result of all of these. The reason is that it resembles natural teeth in color. As a result, there is little to no vision inside the mouth.

In the process of correcting the screw-held implant prosthesis case, restoration problems can occur. There could be fewer inconsistencies in implant interface access. Here, Multi Unit Abutments (MUA) is a helping hand! It has extensive angular corrections and almost every implant platform can access it.

What justifies MUA placement?

When there are irregularities in their teeth, the professional dentist frequently suggests placing a multi-unit abutment. Restoration is kept when the dentist positions the MUAs at different angles. Additionally, a drill for implant osteotomies is employed to increase diameter. Although it creates a hole for the dental implant, the danger of bone injury is reduced.

The disparities in height come next on the list. In order to do this, the lower implants must be placed higher on the deeper bones and above tissue. By doing this, you not only ensure that the final result has a smooth, polished appearance, but the restoration balance also equally distributes the force. Speaking and eating are made easier by the technique, which extends the duration of the recovery.

How does Multi Unit Abutment work?

There are some dentists who only implant MUA during surgical procedures and restore the denture with the implanted prosthetic. By positioning the appropriate MUA and organizing the prosthesis to MUA, it operates effectively.

Additionally, it is always a good idea to start the recovery process with MUA supports in place before the initial impression if you do not want to load the implants soon.

The precision of the finished prosthesis is improved if MUA is first placed during the impression stage and the impressions are accepted at a multi-level level rather than on an implant level.

Benefits of Multi Unit Abutment

The main benefit of MUA is that it brings the bridge edge closer to the surface and makes it easier for the dentist to complete the procedure. It performs effectively for dental implants in pterygoid bones.

Other than that, the final restoration will have a predictable and straightforward seat.

Because of the MUA's seating method's static characteristic, you will feel less stress, which transforms into a regenerative system.

Furthermore, it becomes simple to constantly replace and remove the prosthesis.

Dental implants are simply placed in the jaw by dentists; sinus life is not necessary. As a result, it saves time and money.

The prosthesis is properly supported by MUA angulation.

enables the use of different implant systems in conjunction with one another.

Things to Keep in Mind When Executing Multi Unit Abutment

Regularly and correctly inspect the screws. The only explanation is that removing the screw can be uncomfortable and even damage the bridge in the event that it loses or breaks.

Allow the bridge to glide over the implant's top. It cannot be done with all bridge and implant types, though. You ought to be able to build a bridge without the aid of MUA. Therefore, you can use the larger screw, which shouldn't be damaged or loose.


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