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Dentium Multi Unit Straight Abutment

Dentium Super Line Dental Implant Titanium Multi Unit Straight Abutment with Screw

Dentium Multi-unit Straight Abutment is a dental implant component made of surgical grade titanium. This abutment is designed to connect dental implants to the prosthetic restoration, such as a dental crown. Dentium Multi-unit Straight Abutment comes in various sizes to accommodate different implant diameters and lengths. The abutment is compatible with Dentium dental implants and can be used in both anterior and posterior teeth replacement.

The Multi-unit Straight Abutment provides stability to the implant, which is essential for the success of the implant therapy. The abutment ensures a secure fit between the implant and the prosthetic restoration, preventing the implant from loosening or shifting, which could lead to implant failure. The multi-unit abutment system also helps to distribute the occlusal forces evenly, which minimizes strain on the implant and surrounding tissues.

The Dentium Multi-unit Straight Abutment is an ideal choice for patients with an edentulous arch who need a fixed prosthetic restoration. The abutment allows for easy and efficient restoration of multiple implants, which reduces the number of dental appointments, and makes the process more comfortable for patients.

The Multi-unit Straight Abutment is compatible with both screw-retained and cement-retained restorations, making it a versatile choice for dentists. The abutment is easy to install and remove, allowing for easy maintenance and adjustments of the prosthetic restoration.

In conclusion, Dentium Multi-unit Straight Abutment is a highly durable and efficient dental implant component that works to provide optimal stability and longevity for dental implants. Its compatibility with different dental implants and restorative options makes it a top choice for dentists and patients alike.

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