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Straumann Multi Unit Tibase

Prosthetic Tibase Titanium Multi unit CAD/CAM Abutment Dental Lab Implant

Ti-Base Titanium Multi-Unit CAD/CAM

Ti-Base for Multi-Unit for individual abutments or screw-retained crowns/bridges serves as a connector between the implant and its final restoration. That is enabling CAD/CAM customized solutions, providing high precision and excellent esthetic results.

The Ti-Base provides better geometry in restorations of dentures, especially for a full mouth with the ALL ON 4 / ALL ON 6 techniques.

The Ti-Base allows for anatomical adjustment, a profile adapted to the gum line, and an anatomical shape of the base that provides much better performance over a long period and improved aesthetics.

Made from medical grade titanium at the highest level available to provide the best results and allow biological compatibility.


•Can be used for all types of custom restorations.

•Extremely high biological compatibility

•Long-lasting resistance and high endurance of the metal against corrosion and temperature.

•Outstanding aesthetic results

•Much more convenient for the patient-simpler and easier use

•100% compatible final restoration.

Compatible System


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