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Dentium Angled Abutment

Prosthetic Angled Abutment Dental Implant Titanium Angulated Angular internal Hex

Dental Implant Angulated 15° or 25° Abutment

Internal Hex, Collar Sizes: 1mm / 2mm / 3mm / 4mm

Angled Abutments are used for cemented single- and multi-unit restorations when the long axis of the implant is approximately 15º to 30º out of parallelism with the clinical long axis of the adjacent teeth. There must be acceptable soft tissue thickness to establish margins at least 0.5mm subgingival for aesthetics.

These modern abutments are also better complement the aesthetics of a dental implant restoration. Most clinicians feel more comfortable using a metal prosthetic abutment (such as titanium) in their procedures in an all different kind of areas (posterior or anterior) due to the increased masticatory forces present in the areas.

Compatible System


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